Bulk Notification Settings


Zeptive Dashboard : Bulk Notification Settings

 1. Visit the Zeptive Dashboard at https://console.zeptive.com/

 2.  From the navigation bar on the left select Devices

 3. Click on the checkbox next to the Name column to select all of your devices. The total number of devices selected will be shown at the top

      4. Click on the three dots ... next to the number of devices selected

      5. Scroll to Notifications Settings to edit

      6. Click on the type of notifications to edit its settings

      7. Make sure the Enable notifications setting is toggled ON or set to active.
      8. Toggle Email, Push or SMS Notifications ON to enable the notification type.
      9. Add the user to the type of notification by clicking on + Add recipients. Begin typing the email address of the user to search for and then select the user.
      10. Click Apply to save the changes.

NOTE: Individuals must be invited to the organization’s dashboard to be able to subscribe to alerts. Please contact support@zeptive.com if an invited person is not included in the list of users.

If an individual wants to receive SMS/Text Notifications you must enter their mobile phone number when creating their user account.

D00-00033 2/16/2024

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