Network Connectivity Requirements

Network Requirements


Please note the following WiFi specific requirements for the connection of your Zeptive devices:

  • Wireless network that is configured to use only the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Requires consistent and strong wireless signal strength.
  • SSID must be broadcasted (not hidden).
  • Must be on a network that does not utilize a captive portal.
  • Requires WPA/WPA2-PSK encryption or an open network. Devices will not work with WPA2 Enterprise.


Please note the following general network requirements for the connection of your Zeptive devices:

  • Requires ability to utilize dynamic IP addresses (no static IP)
  • Check with your IT department to see if MAC address filtering, SSL inspection, content filtering are being used. Let Zeptive support know if you need your device MAC addresses.
  • These ports are required to be open: TCP: 443, 9443, 5683 (CoAP) | UDP: 5684 (CoAP)

Is this domain accessible:

Additonally, you may need to add the following IPs to your firewall's allow list if you are using a Zeptive device with a serial number in the range of 000001 to 009999:

More information on the Particle Argon can be found here:

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